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This blog I made as a personal use to keep my memories back in the 80's when I live in Ipoh. Friends, families and others who are interest and grown in the 80's are welcome to surf on in this site.

The era of the 80's was the most memorable moments of my life. There's happy and sad moment that I could'n forget. It's not because I'm not happy with my life currently but living in that time was more enjoyable, no heavy obligations , studies with friends together, playing football, badminton and live with my loveble families. Besides, I still have my parents which I miss so much.

Here, I add almost all the popular and top songs from around the 80's that I include a stories and history of that era along with the video clips. I also include several songs from the 60's and 70's with world wide history.There are also a photo's of my hometown, school's, places, family and friends that are related with me in the 80's.

Besides loving listening to music and watching films, I'm also an active sports person specially football and badminton. Besides I also lke to play tennis, table tennis and others. I' m a fan of Man United FC and my favourites players are Bryan Robson, Maradona, Ray Wilkins, Steve Coppell, Jesper Olsen and my favourites reading that time is Shoot magazine which publishes from England, and I still have a collection of it. There's also a slideshow and to make bigger view click to

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It's been since 1990 that I left Green Town, Ipoh and working in this mega metro Kuala Lumpur and the old memories still in my heart.
Last but not least, I thanked my wife for helping me create this blog, as I'm not a very good user of it and hopefully it's will call our memories in the 80's which so wonderful and awesome.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ipoh : Yesterday And Today -Pawagam

Sekitar tahun 70 dan 80'an tedapat banyak pawagam di Ipoh. Ada lebih kurang sedozen panggung wayang yang menayangkan pelbagai genre filem. Tiket wayang ketika itu adalah serendah 65sen sahaja. Saya (walaupun kurang mampu -masih sekolah lagi, kaki wayang juga. Boleh katakan semua pawagam di Ipoh ni saya dan masuk. Dari cite omputih,Melayu, Hindustan, Indonesia,Cina, semua saya tonton.

Panggung Ruby. Berhampiran pawagam Cathay dan Lido. Tayang filem Cina Hong Kong seperti lakonan Jackie Chan.

Panggung Rex. Main filem Kungfu Cina dari Hong Kong.

Pawagam Lido sekarang. Dah tak guna lagi. Tempat jualan barangan runcit

Pawagam Lido sekarang berhadapan dengan KFC yang pertama di Ipoh.

Lido- Pada sekitar 70- 80'an menayangkan filem omputih. Antara yang terhebat seperti Saturday Night Fever lakonan John Travolta dan Grease.

Pawagam Grand dan Jubilee Park(Entertainment) adalah dalam satu kawasan. Pawagam Grand sekarang pusat pakaian pengantin sementara Jubilee masih tempat hiburan.

Pawagam Grand dulu kerap tayang cite Hindustan dan Tamil. Dimiliki oleh Shaw Brothers.

Panggung Odeon sekarang. Tempat restoran Cina.

Panggung Odeon dulu. Tayang filem Hindustan, Melayu, Indonesia seperti Hathi Mere Sathi, Sangam, Si Badol, Sundelbolong. Belakangnya terdapat kubur kristian. Bila abis shoe lewat malam dan tengok cite seram seperti sundelbolong terasa seram sejuk aje dalam panggung.

Panggung Sun. Kerap tayang filem koboi seperti lakonan John Wayne.

Pawagam Majestic. Tayang filem Hong Kong seperti lakonan Bruce Lee.

Cathay - Dahulu. Boleh kata tiap2 hari lalu pawagam ini untuk berulang alik rumah-sekolah. Kira pawagam 1st classla kat Ipoh. Hanya tayang filem omputih. Filem lama yang teman pernah tengok sini sepert 'King Kong' tahun 1975. Lain2 sperti Star Wars..

Sekarand dah jadi tempat jual kain baju. Belakangnya sambung The Store.

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